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KitapBulan > Foreign Titles > Avon UK > Beneath The Skin
Beneath The Skin
ISBN: 9780008237523
Yazar Adı: Caroline England
Yayıncı: Avon UK
Dil: İngilizce

Beneath The Skin

Caroline England

Avon UK

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Their lies start small, they always do. But if they don’t watch out, the consequences will be deadly.

‘I loved Beneath the Skin. It's so beautifully written and kept me hooked right to the end. Caroline England knows her wonderful cast of characters inside out. I didn't want this book to end.’ ELISABETH CARPENTER, AUTHOR OF 99 RED BALLOONS

'I loved this book. A clever, glamorous, observational, page turning read which pulled me in right from the start until the pivotal, and most satisfying end. Beneath the Skin transcends the ordinary crime genre, taking it to another level.' AMANDA ROBSON, BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF OBSESSION

‘Beneath the Skin is a startling debut. It slowly put me under its spell, until I was absolutely beneath its skin. With characters that pulsate off the page, complex relationships, and dark mysteries, this novel follows the lives of four couples. Their dramas are revealed slowly, patiently, and beautifully, until the breath-taking climax. I can’t recommend this enough.’ LOUISE BEECH, AUTHOR OF HOW TO BE BRAVE

‘Four couples with interlocking histories; eight individuals, all with secrets that are ready to explode. Set in the lush heartland of the Cheshire countryside, this is a tautly elegant psychological thriller, razor-sharp and utterly believable. I loved it.’ SARAH JASMON, AUTHOR OF THE SUMMER OF SECRETS

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